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Ashtanga yoga retreat in Oulu 1st -8th August 2014


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    Ashtanga yoga retreat is organised at Vuoton Joutsen in Ylikiiminki about 60 kms from the centre of Oulu. The place is located by natural waters in a peaceful and scenic environment.
    The ashtanga retreat program includes daily asana practice, pranayama, technique lessons, yoga philosophy and chanting. The first Saturday practice is led, other mornings are mysore style practice. The afternoon yoga program consists of lessons with varying themes to deepen your yoga practice. The yoga shala is a bright and roomy space with wooden floor. The yoga retreat is international and the teaching language is English.

    Registration by e-mail or by phone +358400 455 163. Inform participants name, the duration of stay and contact information (phone, e-mail).

    Retreat program

    Fri: Led practise at 5pm. Morning practises Sat-Fri: Sat led practise, other mornings mysore practise 7:00-10:00 Afternoons: pranayama, philosophy, chanting, technique lessons (varying themes) You can also start your ashtanga practice in the retreat!

    Other program: Individual trips to village or surrounding nature by walking, cycling or by boat. Possibility to rent canoes. There is a cafe-kiosk in the main building. Sauna every morning. Separate fee for smoke sauna.


  • Yoga program and meals 7 days 315/*300eur
  • Yoga practise for a week 155/*140eur
  • Yoga practise for a weekend Fri-Sun 75/*70eur, additional price for meals 50 eur
  • Individual/Single morning practise 25 eur each
  • Whole retreat price 365-430eur depending on the accommodation
  • Accommodation is reserved and paid separately!
  • *Reduced price for unemployed and student yogis/yoginis.


  • The accommodation spaces are located in Lamminpirtti (by Kiiminkijoki river) and in Joutsenranta (the main place of yoga retreat). The distance between these places is about 1 km. Various accommodation options are available. The yoga shala (Ylivuoton seurantalo) is situated about 800m from Joutsenranta.
  • Several saunas at both Lamminpirtti and Joutsenranta. The saunas have no running water.
  • Address: Puolangantie 2415 91300 Ylikiiminki
  • See further information Vuoton Joutsen.

  • Accommodation prices:
  • In 2-5 person rooms 115 eur/person/7 nights, 60 eur/person/3 nights
  • outbuilding rooms 90 eur/person/7 nights
  • caravan spaces 10 eur/day+4 eur/person
  • tent 50 eur/person/7 nights
  • Joutsenranta, by the lake:
  • - bedsit 2-4 persons, 3 rooms+kitchen 8 persons, cottage 5-6 persons and a wooden hut by the lake 3-4 persons
  • Lammin Pirtti, traditional wooden house by Kiiminkijoki river
  • - living room 3-5 persons, bedroom 2-3 persons, bedroom 3-4 persons, separate kitchen
    - outbuildings: old timber outbuilding; 2 outbuildings 5 persons, cottage 2-4 persons
    - lot of space for tents in both locations
    - caravan spaces by the lake

    For additional price:
    -Linen (sheets, pillow case) 10 eur
    -Heating of smoke sauna for a group (min 10 persons) 10 eur/person

    Accommodation reservations:
  • Accommodation reservations directly to Vuoton Joutsen by 31st May, call after 17:00, tel. 0400-183035. Reservation is binding.
  • By paying accommodation by 30th June to account FI89 54900720014345 you confirm your participation.
  • Notification of cancellations directly to Vuoton Joutsen. Service charge 15eur will be withheld from cancellations/paid accommodation made after 1st July.
  • Accommodation spaces are limited. People doing yoga are prioritised to non-yogis.
  • People in indoor accommodation and staying for a week are prioritised to weekend yogis.
  • Unused days are not repayable.


    Delicious, lactose-free vegetarian food Breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner Notify about special diets and allergies upon registration. The meals are provided by vegetarian cook Krista Salovaara.

    Course registration and payment contact

  • Binding registration by 31st May. Reservation fee upon registration is 80eur for 7 days retreat or 50eur for the weekend. Pay the reservation fee soonest possible after registration to confirm your retreat participation. The payment for Olles and Franks yoga program and meals by 15th June (the reservation fee is reduced from the total price).
  • The yoga program is paid to Astangajooga Oulu ry account: Oulu Osuuspankki FI37 5740 5820 0441 99 BIC OKOYFIHH

  • If the payers name is different from the participants fill in the message: participant name/names, phone number and the duration of the stay. Bring a receipt of the payment to the retreat.


    Principles, time limits and cancellation fees:
  • Cancellations of the retreat are made by phone or e-mail to the registration recipients.
  • Cancellation of the retreat by 31st May with no valid reason: reservation fee will be withheld as cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation with valid reason (e.g. medical certificate): Reservation fee 30eur is withheld, rest of the payment will be returned.
  • Cancellation of the yoga retreat after 1st June: reservation fee is withheld as cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation of the yoga retreat after 15th June with no valid reason: the whole retreat payment is withheld as cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation of the yoga retreat after 15th June with valid reason (e.g. medical certificate): reservation fee is withheld as cancellation fee.

  • Arriving by your own car to Vuoton Joutsen, see driving instructions in finnish.
  • You can arrive to Oulu by public transportation (by plane or train) and get a connection transportation to Ylivuotto. There are regular connections from Oulu airport to the bus station at the centre of Oulu. The bus station is situated next to the railway station. Take a bus number 65 (regular connection) from the bus station to Ylikiiminki centre or a regular bus route "Oulu-Ämmänsaari" to the crossing of Utajärvi-Puolankatie road. Please always check the bus schedules for possible changes for late summer time! If needed we can offer a ride from the bus stops to Ylivuotto. Ask also about carpooling possibility.